В мире немного таких редких и живописных мест, как всемирно известный город Карловы Вары, основанный в XIV веке Карлом IV.

Согласно преданию император распорядился основать город вскоре после случайного открытия термальных источников его дружиной во время охоты. Минеральные воды приобрели всемирную известность благодаря своему лечебному и профилактическому действию, которое укрепляет, освежает и омолаживает человеческий организм.

Космополитический характер Карловых Вар и отличная репутация его лечебных источников помогают городу оставаться самым уважаемым и посещаемым городом Чешской Республики наряду с Прагой.

Hot Springs

Hot Spring
The richest and warmest spring in Karlovy Vary - the Hot Spring can be found in the heart of the spa area.

The Hot Spring Colonnade
The Hot Spring is surrounded by the Hot Spring Colonnade, which was built in 1975. The premises of the Hot Spring Colonnade also contain several market stalls with souvenirs, jewellery, glass and porcelain.

Hot Spring Underground
The Hot Spring water from the underground colonnade is supplied to the spa hotels, which are using it both for bathing, as well as for drinking cures. The old section of the thermal underground is open to the tours of Hot Spring Underground.

Mill Colonnade

All five colonnades are located not far from each other. If you walk away from the Hotel Thermal against the stream of river Teplá, you will soon come to the Park Colonnade.
The largest spa structure in this town, the Mill Colonnade was built a few steps down the road, during the years 1871–1881.
Their main purpose is to provide the spa patients with comfort during treatments with the prescribed curative springs.

The Diana Observation Tower

The stone Diana Observation Tower rises 547 meters in the spa forests above the Grandhotele Pupp.

It has been standing there since the year 1914 and offers a wonderful view of the entire Karlovy Vary and its surroundings.
The tower can be reached by walking on the spa trails or you can get there by the funicular.

Becherovka and Jan Becher Museum

Becherovka is the traditional herbal liqueur, produced only in Karlovy Vary.
It was produced the first time in 1807 in a drugstore owned by the chemist Josef Becher as the stomach medication drops.

You also find its museum here. The exhibition is located in the historic building where the liquor was manufactured for 150 years.

Jan Becher Museum is only 200 metres from the hotel

Thermal baths and spa treatments

Relaxing massages, whirlpool baths in thermal water, pleasant warm compresses and wraps that are available not only to the spa patients. Even you can treat yourself for a while. Treat yourself to a qualified care verified by millions of visitors.

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